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I’ve been working on a web framework for node.js these last few weeks. I’ve named this project:

tartempion: The web framework for people who like to eat some pie.

Today, it’s been released onto npm!

Now onto some explanation on why I made this framework, and why I think you should use it, right now! :-)

Some explanation

Firstly, there are some good web frameworks out there, so why release another one, heh? Well, the frameworks weren’t good enough for me.

express, the best I’ve tried (personal opinion) is really great. It handles a lot of stuff for you, like middlewares, sessions, templates, cookies, etc. The problem when you develop on it though, is that you have to pass the app object around in arguments if you’re using several files. And everybody uses several files.

Besides, express doesn’t dictate you an architecture. This is great since it leaves you a lot of flexibility, but it’s not the fastest way to create new projects. Time is money.

Another great project I came across to is ncore. This module allows you to have a dependency injection handler. This is kind of really needed when you start having a lot of files in your project. This way, you don’t have to pass the essential objects around in arguments. And we all know that global variables are evil :-).

This is why I’ve made tartempion. A module allowing you to develop websites while just caring about the business logic. You don’t have to care about passing some objects in arguments, or how to create the session handler etc etc. Just set your routes, controllers and models, and you’re good to go. Seriously.

The concept

tartempion has a unique concept: a pie.

A pie is an entity. It is similar to apps in Django for those familiar with it. It has some routes, it has a controller, and it has a model.

This concept allows you to reuse those pies across different projects. For example, if you made a user management pie for some project, you could just copy paste this pie onto your new project, and it will work!

And the biggest magic is this one:

  • The models are injected into the controllers. You can reach it through this.model.
  • The db handler is injected into the models. You can reach it through this.db.
  • The middlewares are available in the routes.json file.
  • If you have defined some dependencies, a pie’s controller can be reached in another pie through this.pieName.

All this, with no effort whatsoever. It’s there.

And now

There is still a lot of work to be done! The release is an alpha release, it is there so that people can test it right now and find out if they like it.

The full roadmap is available there, and there is already some kind of documentation. Although it’s not really up-to-date, it can already help you get started. There is also this blog written with tartempion so that you can have a real example. (And see how easy it is!)

If you have any feedback, I’d really appreciate it! tartempion is at its very early stage, and I plan on spending a lot of time on it.

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